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XL Weekend Bears 2014

XL Guys. XL Fun. XL Weekend In Seattle For Labor Day Weekend Is Here!

Labor Day Weekend, August 28th - September 1st 2014 join us for a Bear Run full of friendly, furry fellas for an XL Weekend adventure. An awesome long weekend is planned, filled with fun events, crazy adventure, great food, belly rubs, and eye candy from all around the world.

Bears Seattle. It's true. Seattle has a laid back vibe, a flannel forward fashion sense, lots of micro breweries, and a large bear community. And I'll let you in on a little secret - it doesn't really rain here. That's just a myth we collectively invented to keep the Southern Californians from wanting to move here and screw up our traffic :) The average temperature Labor Day Weekend in Seattle? 78°F and Sunny.

Seattle is the perfect place to spend Labor Day weekend! Make plans now enjoy your long weekend with us here in Seattle with old friends, new friends, and all of us @ XL.

Fur is always fashionable when it's your own!

It's so easy to give $10 to Seattle Humane, and you don't need to crack open your wallet.

Send us a pic of you in your fuzzy glory on FB or to (along with your facebook name) and we'll get you a picture back sporting your own fur for Seattle Humane: The Humane Society for Seattle/King County and XL Weekend!

We're donating $10 for every picture we post of you wearing your own fur for Seattle Humane. Send us a pic of you wearing *your* fur for a great cause.

And with this - $10 to Seattle Humane!

Dwayne   Chris   Dustin   Wayne   Jake   Jason   Alex   Hani   Frank   Sam   James  

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I'm sure you'll see more than just a few of these faces out and about at XL Weekend:


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